Parish Profile

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St Saviour’s is a parish situated in SW London between Wimbledon and Raynes Park, in the Borough of Merton.
Our church is situated on a main commuter bus route, very close to city trains at Raynes Park and Wimbledon, and tram links from Wimbledon to the SE.  

Most adults work in the city, which leads to a high turnover of high earners who move on to larger housing. Being also a quiet area, it encourages older people to stay, so our church membership is biased towards the older group.
The parish has a very high proportion of playing fields/common ground behind the houses, but in recent years one high school site and two green areas have been redeveloped for housing. Within the parish are local authority, privately rented, but mainly owner occupied housing built in the 1930’s with the twelve ‘Apostle Roads’ towards Raynes Park, built in the 1900’s.
We have one primary school, West Wimbledon Primary, in the Carter Estate, and one high school, Raynes Park High, both in the NW corner, next to a large Tesco Hypermarket. There is a Roman Catholic Primary School just outside the boundary, and two Roman Catholic High Schools in Wimbledon, which have historically encouraged a very high proportion of Roman Catholics to live and stay in our parish.
The four bedroom detached vicarage is opposite the church, but will be used by the Diocese for private renting during the vacancy.
A Korean Church use our facilities every Sunday for their worship, we have an Evangelical church in Raynes Park within our parish, and outside our parish borders we have two Baptist Churches.
The population in the parish has remained stable since 2001 at approximately, 9000, though we have lost many of our older church members in recent years. The electoral roll in 2011 was 89, but 72 in 2015 and 68 in 2016.
Ethnic groups in our congregation are higher than the ethnic profile of the area. Our church members are 66% white and 33% black Nigerians, Caribbean’s and Asian, with half the congregation 65+. Our much valued families make up most of the 30- 44 group, but we do plan and hope to increase this age range and encourage families and young adults and children with some less formal worship.
Within our parish we have two local authority Nursing Homes for the elderly, and our previous incumbent was very involved with pastoral care, home communions and latterly, funerals. We have a library in Raynes Park which provides some community provision, and the Kingston Area Mission Team Office where the Bishop of Kingston, and Archdeacons of Lambeth and Wandsworth are based.
There is one private leisure centre inside our parish, and two adult education colleges just outside the parish borders.
The main rail splits the town of Raynes Park, and apart from one row of shops and the Tesco Hypermarket, the whole parish is residential.