A warm welcome to Saint Saviour's

We are a Church of England Parish with a lively and diverse congregation who come together to serve God. We welcome people of all ages and all backgrounds. Please join us, we look forward to meeting you.

Address and Contact Details
Grand Drive, Raynes Park, London SW20 9DG
Telephone Saint Saviour's Church 0208 540 9406
Why not contact us by email at stsavioursofficesw20@gmail.com

Every Sunday during the Interregnum
Morning Service: 9:30am
Evening Service: None

Opening Hours
The church is open every Saturday from 10am to 12 noon and 9am till noon on Thursdays when the churchwardens are available for enquiries.

The Harvest Thanksgiving Eucharist - October 2016
Thanks to the congregation and the uniformed organisations for all their donations which will go to Christian Care, an Ecumenical Merton Charity who provide food and care to the needy families in Merton.

A Poem for Harvest Festival
Copyright of Peter Hutton Scout Leader 13th Wimbledon Group

I want to tell you a story
Maybe one you'd prefer not to hear. Of people who often have nothing. And many who live life in fear.
Many have come from far places
Driven out by conflict and strife
Where justice is too often administered. By a bullet or the blade of a knife

These people have trekked across deserts. Been robbed and assaulted or worse. While our lives are generally a blessing
For them it's so often a curse.

They've given the last of their savings
For a place in a boat set for Greece
Often they've then been abandoned
The lucky are picked up by police

But you don't have to travel through deserts
Or chance your luck with the sea
To be lonely, hungry and penniless
It could happen to you or to me

The trauma of losing a loved one
A home life of conflict and stress
Getting in with the wrong crowd

Making choices you later regret.
So look at that man on the park bench
How do you think he does feel?
Why are his eyes sad and lonely?

When did he last have a meal?
Everyone has their story
And they are all intertwined
The way we behave to each other
Determines the world that we find

Sometimes it is just a small gesture
A smile, or a friendly 'hello'
Or taking the trouble to listen
That means that together we grow

So look out for those around you
Who may feel as dark as the night
Because you might in a small way
Bring in to their darkness a light